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Our Service

The kind way to end a beloved pet's suffering - at home

Bowwout’s service is for owners who wish to have their dog or cat put to sleep by a kind, experienced veterinary surgeon in the familiar surroundings of home.

The vet, usually myself (Liz) arrives at your home, casually dressed and with no surgery smells! I get introduced to your pet and give him or her a sedative. We complete the necessary paperwork, and maybe have a cuppa, while we watch over your pet until the sedative takes full effect. He/she might be in your arms, or lying comfortably in his/her own bed, or in another favourite place, during this time, as he/she gradually becomes unaware of everything around them.

When the time comes we give the final injection. You choose whether or not to be present at any stage of the procedure.

Once the final injection has been given your pet usually will stop breathing within a minute.

At this stage I may slip out of the room for a while to give you time alone with him/her.
Disposal of your pet’s body

After your pet has passed away there is what can be a difficult decision for some people - how to dispose of the body.
The choices people usually make are that of burial or cremation. Some owners prefer burial if they have the space. In the case of cremation there are two options. The first is group cremation; the body is cremated with other dogs, and the ashes not returned. The other is private cremation, where each pet is cremated individually, and the ashes are returned.

What you need to do
Just contact us by phone text or email, whichever you prefer.
All payments are requested to be made on the day of the euthanasia.
The cost of euthanasia varies slightly depending on where you live, it is agreed before the appointment is made.
Cremation charges are based on the weight of the pet. Private cremation, where the ashes are returned, is more expensive. The ashes are returned to Bowwout within 4 – 6 weeks, and we meet you at an agreed place to return your pet’s ashes personally.