Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get in touch?
You can ring, e-mail or text to talk about your pet, whether it's time to go or not, prices, etc . Your query will always be answered as soon as  we receive it. If there's no reply within a few hours itís unlikely the message has been received. Please try again until you get a response. (Voice messages are notoriously unreliable!) Contact details are below.

May I be with my pet right up to the end?
Yes, while the sedative is taking effect you can hold him/her in a way youíre both comfortable with, stroking, talking, etc.  We might have to put him/her into a more suitable position for the final injection.

May my family attend? And may other pets be there?
Yes, as long as young children, and pets, are kept under control!

Will I have time to be alone with my pet?
Yes. Your pet will become sedated after a few minutes, giving you time to talk to and  stroke him/her.

What happens after my pet dies?
You may wish to remain alone with your petís body for a little time. Then it will either be left with you for burial or we will take him/her for cremation.

Will you come out for any pet?
We come out for dogs and cats Ė those pets who might be nervous going to the veterinary clinic.

Will my pet feel anything?
They might feel the needle prick of the sedative, usually into a muscle. After that they will be unaware of any injections.

Do I have to be there at all?
No, but your representative (over 18 years) must be present at the start to sign a consent form, and if necessary to hold your pet for the sedative. This should be someone your pet trusts.

What happens if I have a dog that bites or is difficult to handle?
We are used to dealing with all types of behaviour. We need to be informed in advance, and there must be someone present who is capable of holding your pet while we quickly give the sedation.  Once the sedative is given he/she normally will become quiet and relaxed in a short time.

How is the final injection given?
It's usually given into the vein.  Your pet usually will be relaxed and unlikely to feel it, and will pass away quickly. 

May I have the ashes back if my pet is cremated?
Yes, if you opt for a private cremation you get your petís ashes back.

Can I bring my pet's body to a Crematorium myself?
We deal with Irish Pet Crematorium which only deals through veterinary surgeons, but there are a number of pet crematoria who deal directly with owners. These can be found on the internet.