Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get in touch?
Owners can sometimes find it difficult to talk on the phone, so you might prefer to  text and WhatsApp to reach us quickly.   Email is fine too. Your query will always be answered as soon as we receive it. If there's no reply within a few hours itís unlikely we've got the message , so feel free to try another medium.   Contact details are below.

May I be with my pet right up to the end?
Yes, while the sedative is taking effect you can hold them,  or place them whever you and your pet are comfortable.  We might have to adjust the position for the final injection, but you'll still be with them.

May my family attend? And may other pets be there?
Yes, as long as young children and pets are kept under control!

Will I have time to be alone with my pet?
Yes. Your pet will become sedated after a few minutes, giving you time to talk to and  stroke him/her. I can go into the next room for a few minutes if you'd like privacy, but within earshot. 

What happens after my pet dies?
You may wish to remain alone with your petís body for a little time. Then it will either be left with you for burial or we will take him/her for cremation.