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The kind way to end a beloved pet's suffering - At Home

The idea of 'Bowwout' came after I'd put down a friend's dog on a farm, in his battered old box of straw. The old dog was terrified of the vet clinic, and the owner was relieved and grateful that his beloved companion had slipped away in trusted surroundings, unafraid and peaceful, while he stroked his head. 
His response was so moving that I thought that there might be a need for such a service in the wider community.
I questioned some colleagues, but while they empathise with owners, many said that they are too busy to leave the surgery, or have a ‘no house-calls’ policy.
Thoughts became actions, and my At-home pet euthanasia service, Bowwout, was born in 2015.
Bowwout’s first official client was an old German Shepherd dog who lived in Dublin. He was unable to stand, but pushed himself up as much as he could to greet me.  As I stroked him he gave a sigh, and I felt the weight of his great head relax into the palm of my hand. I lowered it gently down and he lay peacefully. He was ready to go. The elderly couple with him wept. 
A few days later I got a lovely letter from the owner, their son, who unknown to me had been sitting at the top of the stairs all the time.
It gave me the confidence that I could do this, and the belief that I should.  Over the years since then, Bowwout has helped many owners to say goodbye to their four-legged family member in comfort and in private.

Bowwout exists to bring peace of mind to owners who cannot watch their pet’s suffering any more, but who can’t bear the thought of bringing him or her to the veterinary clinic. The greatest love sometimes is to let go. And if you wish your pet to die at home we'll try to be there for you.

Some of the dogs I've met with in my travels feature in the the odd photo on this website. Cats are more elusive. Many wild dogs live near humans by choice, and in India (no photos) play an important part in the urban ecological system. Street dogs in Valparaiso in South America survive with a little help. A homeless man in France poses for a photo with his dog.  Love takes many forms.